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Foster parents provide care, support, and a safe and comfortable home for a child or young person who is not able to live with their own family. This means supporting a young person with all aspects of their life such as school, activities, hobbies, and developing independent skills.




The core of our organisation is based on respect; respect for our environment, respect for humanity, respect for our colleagues in wider agencies, respect for each other, and respect for all the families we support.

Appreciating their strength and courage in coming through adversity and being here today.
We demonstrate respect in our attitude to others, peacefully resisting harm, showing compassion, empowering those we work with, doing what we can to take care of our world, and contributing to our community.
‘The gift of respect is the most deserved, the least given, the greatest hope of humanity’- Ronavan Hester


Since its inception in 1991, Anderida has taken a fresh look at supporting looked after children and their families.  
We continue to be at the forefront of and contributing to new developments, utilising models with only the highest level of efficacy.
Anderida is one of a tiny percentage of organizations that have been awarded The Investors in People Platinum Award for their investment in staff, consultation, and engagement with their teams. This has been central to the growth of the wide range of services under the umbrella of Anderida.
‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’-Socrates


We see ourselves as a family, and equally we recognise the families of our children, the love, the history, and the identity that comes from being with those who gave them life and who they grew up with. We feel every child has the right to be part of a family and one family does not preclude another.
We will actively seek out opportunities for loved ones to have time together, to reconcile, to improve relationships, be safe together and to contribute to the well-being of our children.
‘it takes a whole community to raise a child’- African Proverb


Anderida recognises the value and needs to provide enabling environments for all. We work together with children, families, and each other to empower those who have been marginalised to recognise their value and impact, to know that they are being heard and are able to build on their own resources to find stability and effect change in their lives.
‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’ – Anne Frank


Here at Anderida, we act to resist all forms of oppression and discrimination. We carefully consider the impact of decisions and structures on every level and where we can identify they are causing unnecessary harm to groups or individuals; we have the courage to speak up and effectively challenge.
We take our responsibilities seriously and take a strong stance against all forms of prejudice including all forms of biased propaganda. We have passion and motivation to change the world. We are members of Amnesty International Youth, Support Friends of the Earth Campaign and are members of the Children’s Rights Alliance.
‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!’ DR Seuss


We cultivate an environment built on warmth, support, and kindness. Through love and compassion, we are emotionally open to our own and other suffering and distress and recognise that a sensitive, nurturing approach provides us with the means to help others, and with them, we can identify how they can fulfil their own needs.
At the foundation of our relationship is tolerance and acceptance of emotions without condemnation. This gives us the starting point at which to support personal growth, social change, and provide love and care.
‘At the center of non violence stands the principal for love’- Martin Luther King

People from all walks of life, different circumstances and with all kinds of interests, skills, and experiences under their belts, can make wonderful foster parents. There is no 'typical' foster carer!


  • Single

  • Married

  • Co-habiting


  • From any background, culture, ethnicity


  • Compassionate

  • Committed

  • Empathetic

  • Patient

  • Kind and Caring


  • Aged 23 or above 

  • Retired

  • Working

  • Unemployed

  • A speaker of English as a first or second language


  •  Live an Hour from Eastbourne 

  • Have a spare bedroom

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